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We are hiring

December 8th 2010

We are looking for both an experienced and a junior recruitment consultant. If you are interested and think you will fit our company, please forward your CV with a covering letter to

New space in Victoria

January 29th 2010

From February we will have relocated to our new office space in the heart of Victoria.
We made this decision primarily to make it easier to engage with our candidates, but we will also be benefiting from brighter, newer and better offices.

Happy Home Staff Lady of the Year award 2009

December, 11th 2009

A huge congratulations to Nirmala Chhetri for attaining the Happy Home Lady of the Year Award for 2009.
We were touched by all the nominations, but in the end had to decide on just one. Pictures of the event will be available later.

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Verification Service

July, 18th 2009

Through continual feedback, we have realised that there are clients who like our work, but do not wish to use our full placement service. To address this, we have split up a lot of the good work we do so that you can cherry pick only those services that you require, ranging from organising CRB checks, to general advice consulting, through to performing interviews with you or on your behalf.

You can read more here..

First Aid course, 14-15 March, Muswell Hill

February, 2nd 2009

Knowing you have comprehensive knowledge and training of First Aid will ensure you can deal with an emergency effectively and promptly.

The course is designed for child care workers and meets the requirements for Ofsted and the Child Care Approval Scheme and is therefore suitable for candidates seeking approval. We also welcome parents on the course.

The course will cover the mandatory requirements for the Child Care Approval Scheme including:

Dealing with an emergencyChoking
Child and Baby resuscitationAnaphylactic Shock
Identifying signs of shockEpilepsy & seizures
Bleeding999 Calling
Sickle cellConditions of Heat and Cold
FracturesBites and Stings

Our two day courses are held in small groups to ensure effective understanding, those students who complete the course and are deemed to have reached the required standard will be issued with a recognised certificate valid for 3 years, referral First Aid manual and additional literature on current topics.

In addition to our prearranged courses we are happy to arrange additional courses in your home or hall for groups of parents or organisations involved in child care.

Course cost £120.00. We run courses on a monthly basis in Muswell Hill. The next course is on the 14th and 15th March 2009.

To book call Renata or Rebecca on 08456 44 22 92
or email :

Course participants are advised to wear comfortable clothing, and we would request that you do not wear lipstick as this can damage the training manekins.

Childminder crisis in the UK

October, 21st 2008

A tenth of childminders have left the profession because of red tape - are you one of them?
Increased regulation is being blamed for a fall in the number of registered childminders. This drop is leaving thousands of parents in the midst of a childcare crisis. Figures released by Ofsted in the summer showed that there were over 8,000 fewer registered childminders in June this year than at a peak in June 2004. Following the introduction of new statutory guidelines, contained in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), many childminders have said they are being forced out by too much paperwork.

Following its introduction in September 2008, the Early Years Foundation Stage aims to ensure that all schools and early years providers follow a structure of learning, development and care for children. The EYFS applies to...
Reception and nursery classes in maintained and independent schools
Day nurseries
After school and breakfast clubs
Holiday play schemes
Children's Centres

It doesn't apply to...
Mother and toddler groups
Short-term, occasional care (eg crèches)

The EYFS sets out a series of learning and development requirements, as well as legal requirements for safeguarding children. This mean's the child's carer must keep a record of their steps towards certain learning and development goals. For example, a childminder or nursery now has to make an official note of when a child starts crawling or taking their first steps, something which previously would have been passed on informally to a parent. If these guidelines aren't followed by childminders or nurseries they must explain why when inspected by Ofsted.

Launch of part time housekeepers, called Cleaner Plus - more than just cleaners

October, 13th 2008

New product launch - Cleaner Plus - more than just cleaners.

We have been listening to you, our clients, and have realised that there is a real need for part time housekeepers. We understand that many of you need occasional help in managing your household, but employing a fulltime housekeeper is not required. Furthermore, you are flexible with your hours and would rather avoid the responsibility of being an employer. Therefore, after discussing options with some of our housekeepers, we have begun offering a part-time housekeeper services on a fully-inclusive basis.

We want to distinguish these roles from your typical cleaner, as these people are still professional housekeepers, and as such, will not only take care of cleaning duties to a very high standard, but will also be fully aware of general housekeeper duties. We have termed this new offering from Happy Home Staff as Cleaner Plus - more than just cleaners.

Please go to the Cleaner Plus - more than just cleaners page for more information.

Domestic Visa Worker saved

June, 25th 2008

Recruitment Confederation news update.
25 Jun 2008
Domestic worker visa saved
The REC is delighted to see that the Government has reversed its plans to scrap the domestic worker visa.
Commenting on the U-turn, Anne Fairweather, the REC’s Head of Public Policy said: “Agencies that supply domestic workers were horrified to hear the Government’s plans first mooted two years ago to scrap the domestic worker visa.

“Many domestic workers escape abusive employment relationships with the families they are based with, through seeking new work opportunities through recruitment agencies. This route would have been closed down under the original plans.”

The REC has made representations to the Home Office on this matter and is pleased to see that the current regime will continue for at least a further two years.

Fairweather continues: “Domestic workers often provide vital in-house support for busy families and may assist in the care of children and elderly relatives. It is simply not possible to recruit EU citizens for jobs based in private family homes. The Government needs to continue to assess the need for migrant workers to fill these jobs in a sensible manner.”

The Government’s plans to continue the current regime for domestic workers were announced in the UK Border Agency document “Government Response to the Consultation on Visitors” on 25th June 2008. The UKBA press release and document can be downloaded at:

UN attacks suppernanny

October 4th 2008

Reality TV shows such as Supernanny infringe children's dignity, claim United Nations advisers. Such programmes invade their privacy and portray children 'in a terrible light'.
It is one of a string of complaints set down by the Committee on the Rights of the Child. Members expressed concern about high levels of poverty, teenage imprisonment, public attitude to children and Britain's failure to tell youngsters about their UN-guaranteed rights. The committee has previously urged the Government to incorporate its 1991 child convention into law, in the same way as the European Convention on Human Rights was made part of British law under the Human Rights Act of 1998.
However critics say the charter interferes with parents' rights. The attack on Channel 4's Supernanny was levelled by Professor Lucy Smith, 73, a British-born academic at the University of Oslo, who is chairman of the Norwegian Centre for Human Rights. Members of the board also said they were concerned about high levels of child poverty, the imprisonment of teenagers, the public attitude to young people, and Britain's failure to tell its young people about their UN-guaranteed rights. The Channel 4 show, presented by Jo Frost, films families and their ill-disciplined children. Miss Frost's solutions involve sending errant children to sit on the naughty step and the encouragement of rules and routine. But Professor Smith, 73, condemned 'the invasion of children's privacy as a result of reality television shows such as Supernanny, which showed children behaving terribly and portrayed them in a terrible light.' The misbehaviour of teenagers had also been wrongly depicted by the media, which had 'demonised teens and as a result the public had a distorted and negative picture of teenagers.'Professor Smith further attacked the use of high-frequency 'anti-teen' devices like the Mosquito which emit sounds only young people can hear. More than 3,000 are in operation, mainly in shopping centres, with the aim of discouraging loitering groups of youths. Ultrasound devices to disperse groups of children further infringe on children's right to association,' she said. The CRC's issued a report urging the British Government to incorporate its 1991 convention in British law, in much the same way as the European Convention on Human Rights was made part of British law by Tony Blair's Human Rights Act. The committee's concerns and the need for Britain to adhere closely to the UN child conventions' rules have been promoted heavily in recent years by figures like Cherie Blair and the English Children's Commissioner Sir Al Aynsley-Green.

Rates for tax year 2008/2009

April, 5th 2008

Current tax thresholds
You must register and pay tax and NI on behalf of your employee if you pay them £105 or more per week. You must also register if your employee has another job, even if you pay them below the threshold. If you pay £90 or above and your employee does not have another job you should still register as an employer although no tax and NI will be due. This will enable your employee to receive state pension and other benefits.

Tax and NI payments
If your monthly tax and NI bill is below £1,500 you only have to pay tax and NI to HMRC on a quarterly basis.
Payment dates
19th July
19th October
19th January
19th April

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP)
The current rate is £75.40 per week.

Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP)
The first six weeks of SMP are at 90% of average gross weekly earnings. The remaining weeks of the maternity pay period (up to a maximum of 33 weeks) are paid at the lower rate of £117.18 gross per week, or 90% if lower.

Redundancy pay entitlement
Aged between 18 and 21: half a week’s pay, or £165, whichever is lower
Aged between 22 and 40: one week’s pay, or £330, whichever is lower,
Between 41 and retirement: one and a half week’s pay, or £495, whichever is lower

National Minimum Wage (NMW)
£3.40 per hour gross for employees aged between 16 and 17
£4.60 per hour gross for employees aged between 18 and 21
£5.52 per hour gross for employees aged 22 years and over

Offset allowance per 7-day week: £30.10

The rates will be updated as and when they become available.

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REC Membership

February, 28th 2007

As of February 2007, Happy Home Staff joined the Recruitment and Employment Confederation, the leading industry body covering the recruitment industry. This means that we benefit from the knowledge and support from this organisation, as well as keeping up to date with new legislation and market trends.

Our clients and candidates also will benefit as this will ensure that we adhere to certain standards as laid down by the REC.

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