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About Housekeepers

General Information

A Housekeeper is someone who takes care of the running of your household, and this goes way beyond just cleaning.
At Happy Home Staff, we are looking for dedicated Housekeepers, and therefore generally only take on candidates who have demonstrated longevity in previous roles, this being a minimum of 2 years in one employment.
Generally we look for candidates with a minimum of 4 years experience in large, demanding households, often working for employers who are very particular about their households. We select only candidates who understand the importance of perfectionism, initiative and ability to take and remember the instructions.

The difference between a Housekeeper and a Cleaner is that the Housekeeper works usually only for a single employer, taking care of all the different tasks needed for running the household, from general cleaning, shopping and polishing the silver to helping out at dinner parties..


Housekeeper salary

Housekeepers expect to be paid at least £400-500 a week for a full time (5 days per week) Live-in Position.

For live-out, expect to pay about £10-12 per hour, for part time £11-13 per hour.

Working Hours

Full time Housekeepers work usually from 8am till 6pm. However, this is flexible according to the requirements of the position. Some Housekeepers are happy to work during the weekend, perhaps half or whole of Saturday in exchange for a day off during the week.

Our Verification Procedure

Perhaps the most important aspect of our work is the verification around our applicants. We take this seriously and set a high standard in our process.

If you are interested in getting a part time Housekeeper for perhaps less than 10hours per week, you may want to consider our Cleaner Plus - more than just a cleaner.

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