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The number of hours and salary can differ depending on a number of factors.


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This is proportional to salary. The more experience and/or qualifications you hold, the higher a salary you can command. However, this is not just about volume, but also about the grades you obtain, and the references you receive.


Wages are commonly compared on a weekly basis, but every vacancy is different in terms of the hours required. The table below is based on a standard working week for the positions listed.

For live out nannies, the hours can often be 8am to 6pm daily, Monday to Friday.
For live in, the hours can be slightly more, but on the flip side you may well have time off during the day when, for instance, the children are asleep. Live in positions often include 1 or 2 evenings of baby sitting.


Similar to hours, the level of duties/responsibilities required will have an affect on the salary.

Role Live In Live Out Hourly rate
Nanny £350-400 £400-550 £8-12
Nanny/Housekeeper £350-450 £400-500 £8-12
Housekeeper £300-400 £350-500 £8-12

Maternity Nurse:
Single: £650-900 gross per 6 day week
Twins: £800-1100 gross per 6 day week
Triplets: £900-1200 gross per 6 day week

Daily/Night Maternity Nurse:
Single: £13-15 per hour
Twins: £15-18 per hour

A Maternity Nurse is on duty 24 hours a day, usually 6 days per week. A Maternity Nurse must have at lease 1 day off per week.

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