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Location: BARNET
Country: United Kingdom
Start Date: Available now
Full time live in housekeeper in Barnet (separate accommodation) Family of 4 with two grown-up children is now looking for a full time housekeeper to undertake all housekeeping duties for their house in Barnet. Their weekly routine is not always the same as this depends on if there are any dinner parties. The lady is a chef so you don't need to cook unless you enjoy that and is a good cook, otherwise you are expected to help her with preparation, setting up the tables (formal), serve and clear up afterwards. Your duties are mainly to ensure that their 5 bedrooms house is always clean and dust free every day. The lady is dust and mites allergic therefore you need to be prepared to hoover the carpets daily, however the house is very clean. The house is contemporary furnished with expensive furniture and tableware. All laundry and ironing, especially care of delicate clothes. Sometime they have guests coming over so the house gets rather busy so you need to be flexible in regards to the workload. When family travels away you are expected to look after their house, receive any mails and parcels and ensure the house is ready for their return. Accommodation is separate with bed/bath, and kitchen. They have no pets and there is no need to travel with them but you need to house sit. They need someone very capable, with high standards of work and very flexible to the family needs. Location: Barnet Days and hours: Live-in: MONDAY to FRIDAY 8am-8pm with 2 hours break. SATURDAYS 8am-2pm Salary: from £450 net/week Start: as soon as they find the right candidate You must have minimum of 4-5 years experience in UK with checkable references, high standards of work and good with laundry.


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